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Bradson Consulting is a certified woman-owned, small business consulting firm that has been doing business in the Pacific Northwest since 2001.  With offices in Bellevue and Portland, we’ve had the opportunity to serve various clients such as, Costco, Microsoft, Starbucks, Tillamook, Care Oregon, Nike, Les Schwab, Providence, F5, Premera, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, T-Mobile, Nordstrom, Expedia, Puget Sound Energy, Columbia Sportswear, Craft Brew Alliance, and most recently Alaska Airlines.  

Bradson Consulting does not practice a sales-driven model, which often jeopardizes quality and relationships.  We take an organic approach and rely on the results of our consultants to build our brand, rather than having salespeople talk about it.  We place relationships and client satisfaction above everything, recognizing the method of our delivery is equally as important as its quality. 

We have a unique and proven approach to hiring the best talent.  Bradson Consulting has an ‘invite-only’ model, which means you will never see a job posting from Bradson.  We strictly hire consultants from long-standing relationships that meet our brand and have outstanding delivery results.  Consultants that are new to Bradson Consulting begin with top-tier referrals which undergo a stringent interview process before they are invited to join our team.  This is an untraditional approach that results in a quality and brand consistency that our clients know us for. 

Our consultants possess high degrees of expertise in their field coupled with leadership, humility, and integrity.  We have a diverse array of Seattle and Pacific Northwest based consultants that average 14 years’ experience in their core disciplines, spanning various industries and all verticals within the typical organization.

We’re passionate about our customers and exceeding their expectations.  Consistently following these guiding principles is how we’ve built a remarkable reputation.  

At Bradson Consulting, we strive to embody three important values:

                                                  Do the Right Thing, Always

                                                  Put Clients and Consultants First

                                                  Deliver Superior Quality and Results with Humility

Lastly, we are a low-overhead firm.  We don’t spend money on extravagant offices, flashy company cars, or exorbitant amounts of marketing.  We prefer to invest money where it matters most – in our people.  By hiring and rewarding the best talent in the market, our clients can expect superior results time after time.  

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