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Technical Solution Delivery

Technology is the heartbeat of modern innovation.  But for all the possibilities it's easy to lose sight of what will move the needle for your organization and customers.  Our technology consultants guide you in balancing practical and transformative technology strategies that align to your company’s trajectory.

Data and Analytics

We help you transform raw data into actionable insights.  Leveraging advanced analytical techniques and state-of-the-art reporting tools we drive informed decision-making and optimize organizational performance.

Application Modernization

Our technical consultants help you to revitalize and transform your legacy systems into agile, scalable, and cloud-native applications.  

Cloud Transformation

With deep expertise in cloud technology and implementations, we consult on strategy and assist you in optimizing digital infrastructure, enhancing scalability, and innovating via the cloud.  We work closely with you to facilitate seamless migration so that you can more quickly realize the benefits of increased agility, cost savings, and new capabilities.


Leveraging industry best-practices, we help transform your development teams, optimize collaboration, automate your delivery processes, streamline and simplify your software development pipeline.

Case Studies at a Glance

Delivering Insights for Global Data Center Operations

Our F500 Technology client was struggling to access important data about operations in their Data Centers around the globe, leading to inefficient operations and critical tasks being left unaddressed.  The Bradson team drove migration from manual spreadsheets to a customized PowerBI solution, automating a variety of data sources along the way and resulting in greatly improved operations.
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