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Paul Stedman

Founder & CEO

Paul Stedman founded Bradson Consulting in 2001 in Bellevue and expanded to the Portland market in 2004. He incorporates more than 25 years of experience in business development, operations and financial management into his management of Bradson. He continues to oversee the operations and drive strategic decisions that ultimately define Bradson and its people.

Paul believes passionately in empowering employees to be accountable for their own success at Bradson. This is accomplished by giving them the tools and environment for success and removing bureaucratic and burdensome administrative and reporting requirements. This approach has rewarded Bradson and its clients with a team of the most mature, competent and seasoned professionals in the Northwest. Additionally, this has created a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity with a company-wide sense of ownership and pride. This culture lends itself to collaborative relationships between consultants and management and the realization that all parts of an organization are interdependent on the others to achieve success. Paul is committed to this philosophy as well as a guiding principal that places family first. He admittedly overuses the adage “work smarter, not harder” and preaches that as a reminder to everyone that a person’s family role (dad, mom, parent, etc.) is the most important role in life.

Paul is a contributor to numerous local charities benefiting the Snoqualmie Valley; a former Little League coach, board member and umpire; and a former Planning Commissioner of North Bend, Washington. He lives in North Bend with his wife, Anne, and children PJ, Ellie, and Tate.

Paul has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin. His hobbies include riding his Harley Davidson, golf, boating and Green Bay Packer football.

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